Recent additions to literacy lab made to benefit student body

Renovations, renovations, renovations! They never stop coming! They have yet to be completed! But…the library and literacy lab have. Both are in tip-top shape, and looking roomy as ever.

The literacy lab is equipped with glass windows, movable whiteboards and tables, and projectors; all for the betterment of the student body.

“One of the things we can actually do now because of the space is…a whole class can come down and be working on a project or getting editing help and actually sit in the lit lab while our tutors are around them instead of sending our tutors to be ‘rent-a-tutors,'” Cynthia Carro, English teacher, said.

There is more room to move, more room to tutor, and more room to help more students. Some students even go down to the literacy lab just because they want to hang out or escape study hall.

“We feel that the larger space, in addition to being more welcoming, is not as cave-like,” Amanda Bhansali, social sciences teacher, said.

Herself and Mrs. Carro feel that with the more open and welcoming space, it will be more beneficial for the students involved such as the tutors or those who need help.

Plans for renovations of the library have been in effect for about five years minimum and are now a reality. The lit lab committee, among others, travelled to different schools within the area to see how those libraries and literacy labs were laid out to find what they liked best.

As the school can see, everything went well and was a success. Those in charge of the literacy lab hope to see an influx of tutors and break the one hundred tutor mark and with them planning on opening up tutor applications again in November, that goal might be broken.

The lit lab looks amazing and it is encouraged to utilize it to the best of oneís ability considering the time and effort that was put into it.