Marching band season starts off on good foot

During lunch periods, and to a lesser extent during all other periods, the sound of brass and woodwind instruments echos through the walls of the auditorium.

Due to construction on their wing, the band was relocated to the auditorium and football field this summer and has continued practice there since the school year began.

With such large changes to their schedule, adjustment is difficult.

“I’m proud of the way everyone has adjusted to the new challenges of moving all the equipment to a new place.” Michael Malek, band director, said, from under the stairs in back of the auditorium stage.

“One of the real difficulties is whenever things are needed we have to figure out what box it is in, everything from my office and the percussion materials are in boxes,” Malek continued. The auditorium seats, themselves, are stuffed full with everything from instruments to stands to backpacks.

“It’s hard being tucked away,” Mr. Malek continued, “but we have been able to fit the whole band on stage to rehearse.”

“The one drawback is that space around the school, we usually have places where kids could practice on their own after school, now if they want to practice they have to after school, or find places all throughout where they can practice.” Mr. Malek said “I would say, we planned the best we could for the circumstances and we have been able to get around any trouble.”

The students have their own struggles as well.

“You get used to a certain routine and then you have to change that” said Emily Karp, junior and trumpet player.

“In the summer we were in here and on the blacktop with a couple hours in the stadium. We are trying to stay ven and not fall one step behind.” Malek said.

The marching band practices on the field during 6th period, the same location of their halftime performances for home games.

“It’s like we have our performance venue every day that they will actually march on during the games,” Malek said.

Marching Band’s first performance, on Sept. 1st, did not take place on that field, however, but at Glenbrook North High School (GBN), which was also the first game for the varsity football team. The following week, the band attended their first competition.

“Band and color guard have been preparing for so long to participate in these events and I (was) excited to finally do it,” said Julie Garcia, junior and color guard member, “I’m really excited to show what we’ve been practicing.”

“I think the students are ready to finally perform the show, put on the uniforms and make it happen,” Mr. Malek also shared Garcia’s enthusiasm to finally perform the shows that the band has been practicing for so many months.

“The students are ready to take the show and run with it. Every time we perform we make it better.” he said, “the students have worked really hard and I am excited to see it pan out.”

“Additionally we started the year one week earlier, we actually are a week ahead now,” Mr. Malek said. With that early start, marching season is off to a promising start with the dedication of both students and director overcoming the unique obstacles facing them this year.