Engineering promotes lab expansion with open house

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“The Chicagoland area is very interested in providing opportunities for companies to come to us. For many years in the past decade, there’s been to reasons for companies to leave us, whether it be for tax reasons, whether it be for not a skilled workforce, so any opportunity for our media to show the world that we are trying to fight against the possibility of having a lack of skilled workforce, having all these obstacles for companies to be successful and competitive, they’re going to jump all over that.” Mr. Geist said.

Furthermore, Mr. Geist mentioned that relationships with companies are key for the future as technology keeps developing.

“It’s those relationships with companies that allow us to see what they need, and that’s what drives our next steps. It’s not just us opening up a text book. It’s the real world, and it’s exciting for us to take those leaps,” Mr. Geist said.

Jerry Cook, principal, is excited about the opportunities that these next steps will bring for the student body.

“I think any time we can have Wheeling in the news for something positive like what we are doing in education, it is really good for our school. We are doing things here at Wheeling that a lot of other schools are not doing, are not even thinking about doing. So I think we need to let the world know how great of a school we are and how many great opportunities we are providing for our students. This is just another example of that where Wheeling High School is partnering with NASA, we’re partnering with local manufacturers. People see what we’re doing and we’re kind of in the future of education,” Mr. Cook said.