Nanotechnology competes at State

On April 28, 2018, select students in the WHS nanotechnology class will be participating in the Illinois Junior Academy of Science State science fair competition.

Carol Bouvier, science teacher, explained that every year students in the class are required to do a research project for the regional science fair competition. This year, 18 projects competed at regionals, and out of those, 8 projects qualified for state.

Ms. Bouvier explained that some students won “best in category” awards at regionals.

“We had a ‘best in category’ for botany (Dheya Pio, senior), and then Ben Karp (junior) won a ‘best in category’ for engineering. That was really nice. I’ve never had two ‘best in category’ awards at regionals before,” Ms. Bouvier said.

Pio described her project.

“The Chicago Botanic gardens have a huge soil sustainability issue where the soils being provided are of poor quality and must be replaced every year. My project looks at different treatments to be used specifically on the soil from the gardens to figure out if the treatment improves soil quality and plant health,” Pio said.

Along with Pio, Logan Laude, senior, is also competing in state.

“Brandon (Medrano, senior,) and I are doing a project on how the tread pattern and geometric pattern on the sole of a shoe affects your grip on different surfaces,” Laude said.

Pio also commented on her favorite part of participating in the fair.

“I love to present in front of the judges, even if it is the most nerve wracking thing about the fair. Not only does the fair allow me to test my research and science skills, but I get to practice public speaking as well, which I believe to be a very important part of many career pathways,” Pio said.