New foyer renovation: WHS to turn coffee shop

Photo taken by Katie Meyer

Photo taken by Katie Meyer


    The commons, also known as the foyer, is a seating area located between the cafeteria and main hallway. During the school day, many students reside in the commons to either eat, socialize, work, or do all three. Sometimes they meet for brief times during passing periods. “I hang out there one to two times a week before school and before practice after school,” Mila Tutaj, junior, said. While many people hang out in the commons when school is not in session, many others sit there during lunch periods. “I like that the commons are simple to sit and eat in during lunch,” Jasmin Macedo, freshman, said.

Although the commons is an excellent place for students to relax, socialize, or work, there is no doubt that the area is in less than pristine condition. Many students complain that the commons look run down and littered with trash. Most students also agree that there is not enough space for our school population and they are a bit old. “They are kind of crowded, disorganized, and need to be updated,” Tutaj said. The commons has had the same model since the 1980s and they haven’t been updated since. Many students agree that they definitely need some updated seating and a larger space.

    Good news for you students, WHS might be getting a renovation sometime soon! “We are planning on getting rid of the carpet, adding high tables with charging stations, and soft seating. I’m kind of thinking of making the new commons look like a Starbucks,” Angela Ginnan, associate principal, said.

Many students think that this renovation would be a good addition to WHS. “I think renovating is a really good idea. It would be a change to how people perceive the school at first glance, and it is such a big part of student life at Wheeling. I think renovating would make people want to go there during their free periods too,” Parita Patel, senior, said. The renovation will make the commons so much more useful and will make more students want to be in it.

    As students await the renovation, it still might not happen for a while. “We are not sure when the renovation will be done. It really depends on priority and our priority are classrooms right now,” Ginnan, said. The renovation sounds like it will be everything that students hope for. Even though the Class of 2019 might not get to see this awesome addition, there might just be some luck for the Class of 2022.