Student council plans food drive for the holidays

Photo taken by Jaspreet Kaur

Student council members hild up signs for customers of of Garden Fresh to donate to the WHS food drive.


Every year, student council members of WHS organize a food drive to provide meals for the upcoming holidays. “We got a lot of donations, money and food. It was nice standing there and knowing that we are helping our community,” Natalia Marin, senior, said.

Student council members put in a lot of effort and time into organizing the food drive from making donation boxes to working long shifts.

Kristie Quathamer, one of the food drive organizers with student council, shared experiences while planning for the food drive. “There’s a lot that goes into organizing a food drive that you wouldn’t even think about, like saving boxes, telling people where to pick up food or where to drop off donations, getting the word out that we are doing a food drive and spending time on weekends at stores for food donations.” Quathamer said.

On Oct. 27 and Nov. 3, student council had 3 hour shifts at Garden Fresh. “We want to make the food drive eventually something bigger in our school,” Marin said.

“With an abundant availability of food, I think that we don’t realize that people are in need of food and shelter, people around us, even in our localities. We don’t realize that these little things that we take for granted, other people would really appreciate. I think that it’s great that they’re doing this with winter coming up because families need to have some food available to them,” Marin said.

Other students in WHS voice their approval over the food drive as well. “It really helps people and I’m really proud of student council. Giving something to someone during this time could be a lot for them,” Cassie Rivera, junior, said.

“We are collecting food for families that don’t necessarily have a good Thanksgiving holiday meal, so that we can provide them with a nice holiday meal. We are trying to fill 75 boxes, so we would like all the help we can get. If they want to donate food or if they want to donate money, any help we get, we would appreciate,” Quathamar said.