Wheeling gets into the holiday spirit

Morgan Tadish, senior, smiles proudly next to her menorah.

The month of December may make you start to think about bright lights and festive colors, but for many Wildcats there is so much more. When students think of the holiday season, many think of hot chocolate, snow, and decorations. To get into the holiday spirit, many students put up decorations in their homes and start wearing holiday attire. “I decorate my house by putting up my Christmas tree and lights, put window clings up, and wear Christmas fuzzy socks.” Melissa Rocha, sophomore, said. Many students not only put up decorations, but they put up real Christmas trees. “My mom and I put up interior decorations such as a tree and a lot of hanging decorations. I also pick out a real Christmas tree with my mom.” Alex Rotberg, senior, said. Once the decorations are up, they become an indicator that the holiday season has officially started.

    Many students also start listening to some music to get into the holiday spirit. “I start listening to Christmas music a few weeks before Christmas but not before December because that is too early.” Jillian Bouchard, freshman, says. While many students start to listen to music, many others watch movies. “I set up my mini tree in my living room and watch holiday movies after.” Morgan Tadish, senior, said.

    Once they get into the holiday spirit, the real traditions can officially start. “For Christmas Eve, I go to my aunts house. We eat a lot of good food and open presents.” Monzerat Hernandez, junior, said. While many students celebrate Christmas over Winter Break, other students celebrate Hanukkah. “We go over to my aunts house with my grandma to celebrate Hanukkah. We sit in the living room and watch football. Then we eat dinner, which usually includes brisket, matzoh ball soup, latkes, and then strawberry shortcake for dessert. Then we all go into the living room again to open presents.” Tadish, said. Many people also have food during the holiday season that is very different from others. “On Christmas Day I stay home with my Mom and eat a lot of Russian food. We sometimes also eat caviar and salad.” Rotberg, said. The holiday season is a great time for many people and it wouldn’t be the same if there wasn’t some spirit to go with it.