Strong Start for Baseball

With the seasons changing in the weather so are the seasons for sports at Wheeling. One of the main sports coming into season is baseball with a .500 start, “The start of the season has gone pretty much as expected.  We show signs of being a really strong team and signs of being a very inexperienced and young team. Currently, we are 4-4 and on a two game win streak. We are 4-0 at home and 0-4 on the road including 0-3 in Nashville, where we saw some really impressive competition for past state championship programs.” Head coach Jason Weider, staff, said. Even though the season has started as expected there have been a few surprises along the way, “The most surprising thing so far this season has been our inability to stop the big inning.  We are 3 innings away from beating a 7-1 ball club. In those three innings mistakes have led to big innings for the opposing teams (3 runs vs VH in the 7th, 9 runs vs Brentwood, Tennessee in the 5th, and 7 runs to Andrean, Indiana in the 6th). In all three of those games, we had leads (4-2 over VH, 6-1 over Brentwood, and 6-3 vs Andrean the #1 ranked team in Indiana). We have shown that we have the ability to play with anyone and take down some big teams if we can just learn to take care of the baseball better.” Weider said.

Most of the players are out to good starts and are happy with their games, “Things are looking pretty good right now. [I’m] hitting the ball hard and fielding [the ball] cleanly” Andy Shover, senior, said. Even though things are going well, the players and coaches always have room for improvement, “[trying to] keep up with strong pitchers that throw faster then what I’ve been used to” Raymond Petzold, sophomore, said. “As a coaching staff, I think we need to improve our efficiency in practice.  We need to continue to find new ways to do things better and to keep guys more focused in practice. My goals for myself are to stay calm and positive in adverse moments and to build more leaders to get us through those tough moments. I feel this team is very special and we are very close to breaking through and becoming a strong team.” Weider said.

Even though there is much to work on from the coaches to the players, there is still a high expectation for the season as a whole, “The expectations for this year’s team is to compete at a high level every day. We do not have the depth we’ve had in the past, but we have enough talent to get the job done if we play our game. I’d like to see this team compete for a +.500 record, 10 Wins in the MSL, and 18 wins total. If we can continue to improve and grow mentally, I think we can accomplish our goals and more.” Weider said.