New Beginnings in Nasheville

   Stepping up to the plate, Kenny Yoshino, sophomore, looks on toward the pitchers mound getting ready to hit. As the pitcher throws the ball towards the plate Yoshino prepares to swing and connects with the ball.

   Running down to first Yoshino knew he had his first varsity hit for baseball, “My favorite moment from the trip was getting my first varsity hit. It was pretty special for me, and I felt like it marked a good start to my varsity career” Yoshino said.

   Yoshino was able to collect this hit on the boys baseball team’s spring break trip to Nashville Tennessee.  The team spent the week playing baseball and hanging out in Nashville.

   First year coach Kyle Reinhart, staff, got to participate in the trip, “I thought the trip was great! Getting the opportunity to play in some warm weather in the month of March is always beneficial to start the season. I really enjoyed this trip. I was a cool experience as a first-year coach to have this amazing opportunity.” Reinhart said.

   For the play on the field the Wildcats went 0-3 on the trip, Joe Jordan, sophomore, was disappointed but took the positives from the trip, “It was obviously disappointing to come back from the trip 0-3 but we played well for the most part. We played some very tough competition and competed in every game. As a team we just need to do a better job of limiting big innings and giving up free bases. There is no doubt in my mind that if we can do that we will see a lot of success this season.” Jordan said.

   However this trip was just not for baseball, the team had some time to bond, “My favorite non-baseball memory was the whole team belly flopping into the pool.” Zalewski said.

   Most of the team felt it was a good trip and are excited for the rest of the season, “I am looking forward to the rest of the season and competing with all my boys and making a run to win the east” Yoshino said.


Written by Assistant Sports Editor Jackson Gross