Sidewalk Troubles

Students are greeted by security guards right at the back doors when taking the bus, but students who walk do not have the luxury of easy transportation methods

   The back exits of WHS don’t have complete sidewalks. I walk back home and it has always been a struggle to walk on the road until you reach the sidewalk. Many times, I have to walk on the road which is very dangerous; some students try to pass through the softball field but it’s often wet and mushy. During dismissal, there is a lot of traffic in the parking lot, inhibiting one’s ability to cross from one area of the parking lot to the other.

   Parking lot speeding has been an issue in WHS for a long time. Even though some cars wait to pass, many students walking back home try to run across the road. When it snows, all the snow accumulates on the road side where students usually walk, leading to them having to walk on the road. Often ice also freezes on the beginning of sidewalk, making the sidewalk slippery. This is not only a problem for students, but also traffic, because with students walking on the road, cars on the lane closest to the sidewalk have little space.

   Recently on Twitter, principal Jerry Cook expressed his concern for students walking back after snow and requested the business to clean their sidewalks, helping students walk on the sidewalks instead of on the road. I hope the administration will resolve these issues.

-Written by staff reporter Jessica Bezkhlebetskiy