To Make-up or Make-down?

A comparison of singer Demi Lovato's face with and without make-up

   Makeup is a great way for someone to express oneself. Nowadays, many people who create makeup tutorials and review makeup products, most notably Jeffree Star, have a large presence on social media and equally large fanbases. . Anyone can watch how to do a crease cut eyeshadow look or get someones opinion on Jeffree Star’s new “Blue Blood” eyeshadow palette. But I often hear someone make a comment on how much makeup a person wears, even if the person wears a lot of makeup for an extravagant event.

   I personally don’t wear a ton of makeup because I barely own makeup other than mascaras and a few cheap eyeshadow palettes, and I don’t have the time to put a ton on in the morning.

   Society today has become very accepting with self expression through fashion, so why can’t it be just as excepting with the amount of makeup a person wears on a regular basis.

   I don’t think it’s a big deal when someone wants to wear a full face of makeup. It’s also not a big deal if someone doesn’t want to wear any makeup at all. It’s their choice to wear makeup.

   So before you are quick to judge someone for the makeup on their face, just remember that the choice that that person made to wear makeup doesn’t affect you.  Live your life, and let others live theirs.

-Written by Forum editor Brianna Eloiza