Adding College Characteristics to WHS Classes

Comparing blended learning to ingredients thrown into a blender is a great description of how teachers are utilizing different tactics to keep students motivated and engaged.

    Many students now have the opportunity to go to the library or another area during their class period instead of staying in class. In order for students to be able to blend, they need to be earning a “C” or higher grade in the class. Many teachers think this is a great opportunity for students to mimic a future college schedule.

     One class that allows blending is College Speech, a dual credit English class for seniors. Laura Wagner, English teacher, teaches College Speech and thinks blended learning is very helpful during research days. “It is nice to blend on days in College Speech when we are supposed to be researching in the lab because it is more of a college experience to have students spend time on what they want. Overall, I think it is great for the research days,” Wagner, says.

    Students in College Speech enjoy the blending days and find that these opportunities are very helpful. “During blended learning I go to my friends study hall and work on other homework that I have or spend time with my friends. I think the idea of blended learning is awesome because you can work on things you need to catch up on instead of wasting time doing nothing in class.”  Vlada Kochylo, senior, said.

    Some students also enjoy blending during class because they can take time to work on other activities while others in the class are finishing their other assignments. “During blended time, I usually catch up on homework in my other classes, or just play games on my phone. In the class, if you understand the lesson, or are done with a project, why waste time sitting in class, waiting for others to finish. I think blended learning is beneficial for students because we learn some new time management skills, figuring out what to work on during blended learning.” Ben Dawson, senior, said.

    Another class that has blended learning is World Literature, a sophomore English class. Many students in this class also  find it nice to be able to use their time for homework from other classes during their blending time. “I go to the library and do work during my blended learning time. I love it, not only because I do not like sitting in class, but it helps me get more work done.” Gabby Lowrey, sophomore, said.

    Blended learning is a great way for students to be able to work independently during their class time; hopefully, it will be an option for all classes in the future.


Written by Social Media Editor Katie Meyer