Sanchez supports students’ aspirations, cultures

by Robert Perales, A&E Editor

Despite having an busy schedule, Bertha Sanchez, social worker, continues to help students succeed throughout their high school careers.

Ms. Sanchez works with various clubs at WHS including Students Helping Accept Diversity in Every Situation (SHADES), Latino Club and the Mentor Program.

“She (Ms. Sanchez) wants to keep students involved. She helps students not only in education, but she also does her best to help students fit into the community. We want them to graduate and walk out of here with more than just a solid education, “ Marilyn Harrison, Instructional Assistant, said.

In the upcoming weeks, Latino Club and SHADES will award scholarships to their senior students.

Ms. Sanchez hopes to help students who are struggling in order for them to avoid the difficult life she led.

She was born in the Texas, but she migrated to Illinois as a migrant worker. After some time, she was placed in a school where she faced difficulty in being accepted by both Mexican and American cultures.

“For the longest time, I didn’t know if I truly had a culture. I wasn’t accepted by either Latinos or Americans,” Ms. Sanchez said.

According to Cecilia Gama, junior, clubs like Latino club and events like Display of Cultures aim to show people that the American culture is more than just one group of people.

“We want more people to understand that the American culture includes everyone from every nation and culture,” Gama said.

Ms. Sanchez hopes to see her students succeed throughout their lives even after they leave high school.

“I’d like to see them go on to college and continue on. Here at WHS, we work as a team to ensure that each latino child receives a college education,” Ms. Sanchez said. “I feel that if you go into the field of education, you won’t become wealthy, but you will become rich through the lives of each child.”

Ms. Sanchez currently works with Latino Club to work on Summer projects as well as continuing to work among a various number of clubs and activities for students and the community.

“Without her love and support, I probably would not be here, where I am now,” Emma Perez, seniors, said.