Stress builds for prom

by Solinna Chong, Associate Editor

“Are you excited for prom?” my friend asked me.
Of course I said yes, but knowing me, on the day of prom I would rather sleep in.
Many girls fantasize over being asked to prom, what dress they will wear and how to style their hair.
According to Seventeen Magazine, teeangers should start thinking about dates, dresses, tuxedos and so on about three months before.  Most attendees start to think about what they will wear two months before.  I did not start thinking about prom or got a dress until the month of prom.
Although prom is a formal event to look forward to, drama and expenses always come along with it.
The average teenager spends about $1078 on prom, according to the online newspaper MSNBC.
Girls spend the most amount of money because dresses costs between $50- $300, hair and makeup add up to about $40 and manicures and pedicures costs about $40, as said in USA Today.  This year’s prom tickets are $60 for singles and $120 for couples.
During prom time, students start to frolic to one another asking to be in each others’ groups and who would sit at whose table, but what happens when all the seats are filled?  Drama fills the air.
I have seen girls and guys shun each other out because they could not be in the same group as their friends.
In all, I think prom is annoying.  Although I am excited for it; I feel this way about many dances.  I got super hyped up the week leading into a dance like Homecoming and Turnabout last year, and then on the day of it I just crash.
Being a girl, hands down, is one of the hardest things for a dance. In a way, that is probably why I get annoyed with getting ready for prom, but in the end it will be a worthwhile experience.
For all the students going to prom tonight, have fun. Be safe, but have fun please.  Do not let little disputes between friends and a forgotten corsage prevent the fun.

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