Swierczek retires after years of working as dean

by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor

This year, Debra Swierczek, retired dean of students, has retired, and Dr. Ken Stiff, dean of students, replaced her.
“She had a great relationship with students, staff and parents.  I think as deans we all strive to be proactive,” Dr. Stiff said.
Prior to becoming dean, Dr. Stiff worked as the Associate Principal of Operations and Assistant Dean.
According to Derek Swierczek, math teacher and son of Ms. Swierczek, Ms. Swierczek plans on spending her retirement traveling, visiting friends and spending time with his children.  Recently, Ms. Swierczek went on an Alaskan cruise.
“I could say to my students, ‘I’ll send you down to my mom,’” Mr. Swierczek said.  “I liked it (working with her at the same school) because I could see her and check up on her.  I could go down to her office or she could come to my classroom.”
Ramon Williams, dean of students, said he would miss her company, sense of humor and caring personality.
“She was caring of students.  She reshaped the climate here at Wheeling High School for positive student discipline,” Mr. Williams said.  “She’ll be dearly missed, and we wish her well in her retirement years.”

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