Superfans create, release “Catpack Anthem”

by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor

Jacob Deltoro, Daniel Glowa, Kameron Hill and Nick Ricciardi, seniors, worked together to create the “Catpack Anthem” to get Superfans and WHS students pumped up.
They decided to create the song, based on “Wild Boy” by MGK, after watching “Husky Flow” by Mini Van Jamz.
“From that day on, we tried to make a good song for our school and the football team,” Hill said.  “We’ve got the best superfans in District 214.”
According to Ricciardi, he and Hill spent about four hours working on the song, and after they wrote the lyrics, they went to Glowa’s house, where Glowa recorded and produced it in his studio.
“We thought it would be cool to get our song in the fan section to be excited for the game,” Ricciardi said.
They released the song last weekend and currently work on making a video.  In addition, they hope to create another theme song for the basketball season.
“My hope is that everybody gets excited about it.  Our goal is just to pump up the crowd,” Ricciardi said.

Check out “Catpack Anthem” below.