Football atmosphere changes, grows

by Megan Jones, Editor-in-Chief

“The game atmosphere is very intense and serious,” Chad Mikosz, senior and varsity football player, said. “It’s kind of electrifying. We should have this energy all the time.”

The highlights of the current football season include the last second field goal win against Mundelein and a struggle with Fremd.

Further, WHS has said goodbye to Dave Dunbar, previous varsity football coach, and welcomed Brent Pearlman, varsity football coach, with his track record of changing Prospect High School’s football program.

After the long summer of practices, changes to the program and Superfans waiting to pump the crowd, it’s game time.


Changes to the Program

Dawned with new black polo shirts, the football players are no longer seen throughout the halls in their jerseys. Also, football players can no longer lend their jerseys to anyone, including their girlfriends or teacher during homecoming week.

“Coach Pearlman wants the polos to signify that they are a team, and the jerseys are their fighting uniform,” Dr. Stephen May, student activities director, said.

The football team received new uniforms for home and away games. The helmets were also painted a royal matted blue this year.

“Typically, when new coaches come to a team they will change a few things just to signal a new beginning,” Dr. May said. “Every coach has their own personal preferences. Whenever there is a change, it’s always exciting to see what new things are done.”

While in previous years the drum line of marching band would march the football players into the stadium, they will no longer do so. Pearlman said that the football players do not deserve the “royal treatment” of being marched in like winners until they earn it and win.

“Pearlman has a great staff. You have to be patient. It takes time to build a program like football,” Neal Weiner, boys’ athletic director,  said.


Sophomores promoted to higher levels

“Due to injuries and some of the sophomores’ already playing at a varsity level, we did not have enough players to compete at a sophomore level competitively,”  Mr. Weiner said. “It’s not at the best interest of student athletes at this time.”

The sophomores who do not already play on the varsity team will play on the JV team. JV games take place Saturday mornings against MSL teams.

“In the long run, we will return back to having a sophomore team. We have a promising number of freshmen right now,” Mr. Weiner said. “I am confident that we will soon be competitive on every level. ”


Superfans plan ‘new atmosphere’ 

The senior class of 2013 hopes to take senior fans to the next level as Jack Ferguson, Mike Pink, Ryan Bendewald, Zack Nauert, Jacob Deltoro and Nick Ricciardi, seniors, begin planning the crowd section at football games.

Past themes have included white out, neon out, jungle theme and tidal wave.

Superfans hope to create a stand for them to conduct cheers on throughout the game.

“I just want to rival other schools and make sure that Wheeling and our crowd are represented at the football game. During my last four years at WHS, the crowd continually increases,” Ferguson said.

For Homecoming, the Superfans have planned a blackout.


Football Anthem

In order to excite students about upcoming football games, Superfans  Deltoro, Ricciardi and Kameron Hill, senior, teamed together with Daniel Glowa, senior, to produce “Catpack Anthem.”

“We wanted to make a name for our football team and get everyone excited for the upcoming season,” Ricciardi said.

Ricciardi and Hill spent about four hours working on the song and lyrics, they then went to Glowa’s house, where Glowa recorded and produced it in his studio.

The “Catback Anthem” can be heard on Glowa’s YouTube channel, “OfficialGlowa.”


Added Security

After students became rowdy at the away game against Schaumburg and broke a bleacher additional security will be present in the stadium.

“We want students to behave at away games. They need to act appropriate while still being able to cheer on their teams,” Mr. Weiner said.

According to Mr. Weiner, directors are not sure how long they will continue to keep security present.

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