Gama fights for career

by Perla Jiménez, La Voz Editor

“I can’t be a lawyer, a paramedic (or) a pastry chef,” Cecilia Gama, senior, said.

This year, President Barack Obama’s executive order made Deferred Action possible for students. With Deferred Action, C. Gama will be able to follow her dream of becoming a professional lawyer.

“I had doubts about it (Deferred Action) ’cause it’s not a concrete thing,” C. Gama said.

Alberto Gama, sophomore and brother of C. Gama, said he is excited about the new program because being an immigrant “limits the opportunities you have, even if you deserve them.”

Still, the two think it is better for C. to request Gama Deferred Action.

“This will only resolve them (immigrant problems) in the short term. We do not know if Obama will be reelected,” A. Gama said.

C. Gama said that meanwhile, the best thing to do is to get involved with school and the community.

“I would tell them to go online, find more information about this (Deferred Action), join Latino Club (and) do little things,” C. Gama said.

Currently, C. Gama is involved in Latin club, bowling, Student Council, among other activities.She also helps out with the DREAMer movement.

C. Gama helps through the Internet, talking to congressmen and spreading news about the immigration movement. She believes that every voice counts and makes the movement grow.

“I think it’s (deferred action) helping … It gives people hope,” C. Gama said.

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