Boxing Club ends after four years

by Megan Jones, Editor-in-Chief

“Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, the boxing club wasn’t able to run this year,” Dr. Stephen May, student activities director, said. “Our hope is that the program will be able to run again next fall.”

Boxing club ran for four years from 2008 to 2012. Unique to extracurricular activities, WHS was the only public high school in Illinois with a boxing program.

“I will miss working with the students,” Michael Burke, boxing club sponsor, said. “Many were not in other activities, and they found boxing club a positive outlet. I will also miss the fun of Fight Night. Seeing the fans get into cheering and the students having a chance to box for the first time was a great experience.”

Fight Night consisted of  boxing matches that raised money for charities such as Make a Wish Foundation and Countryside Association.

“The best part of boxing club was being able to give them (the charities) a check and knowing that we’re fighting for a bigger purpose and making a difference,” Maribel Aguilar, senior, said.

Aguilar plans to continue training in boxing.

“A lot of people think we do it to brawl, but it’s about discipline, hard work and knowing how to throw your punches,” Aguilar said.