Activity fees rise to $50

One time activity fees prove beneficial to families

by Solinna Chong, Associate Editor

The activity cost this year has risen from $25 to $50 for students involved in sports and other competing activities.

This year, the fee will be a flat total fee of $50 to join as many sports and activities as the student desires, instead of paying $25 per sport and a cap of $100.

“This helps save money and allows more students to participate in multiple activities,” Dr. Steve May, assistant principal of student activities, said.

Students can now participate in as many sports as they want without the additional fee.

“I think it’s good for students that are in multiple sports, but it’s unfair for students that are only in one sport to have to pay $50,” Sam Mozdzynski, senior, said.

The fee is paid when families register their students for school.  According to Dr. May, this helps keep the paid fees and files in order.

“With last year’s fee, keeping track was a nightmare,” Dr. May said.  “Trying to track down kids who still owed money and making sure that coaches were enforcing the fees was too much work.”

Despite the new fee in place, students with fee waivers do not have to pay the fee, and other families who cannot pay the fee all at once can apply for a payment plan with the Student Activities office.

“Twenty-five to $50 is a big jump.  Then again, $50 in total, financially, helps me instead of paying 25 dollars for each sport,” Amani Dennis, sophomore said.

The collected fees go to the central office, which uses the money to help further support the athletic program at WHS.

“It takes a good amount of money to have as many options here as we do,” Jason Kopkowski, varsity volleyball coach, said.  “Think about each sport and club, as well as all of the different levels for each activity.  That’s a lot of equipment, uniforms, coaches and officials to be paid.”

Likewise, all schools in District 214 have to pay an activity fee even though some are more expensive than others.

“It’s less likely to see a decrease (in the fee) because nothing is going down in cost these days. An increase may happen in the future,” Dr. May said.