WHS for granted

by Solinna Chong, Associate Editor

It has been almost a month since students have gone back to school, and already, I hear how “lame” the school is from freshmen and even the upperclassmen.

Some students complain how much “cooler” other schools are because they do not have as many rules at football games and so on.

Although WHS started with a poor reputation, it is not the school it used to be.

First of all, STEM.Although students and teachers tease the amount of attention STEM gets, the program has redefined our school.

WHS gives countless opportunities to students to taste the real world.  Certified Nurse’s Assistant (CNA) allows students to have hands on training with real patients, and the engineering programs offer students internships.  These opportunities are hard to find, yet many students take it for granted.

Outside of STEM, WHS has an abundance of after school activities.  Clubs include art club, student council, Spokesman, debate and countless others.

Students join these to meet new people, socialize and contribute to something greater. Other schools do not have a psychology club, and yet, WHS does.

Despite academics, the school is number one in events and spirit.

A friend of mine who goes to school in Chicago told me how the Homecoming dance is not formal, students lack school spirit and their football team is well forgotten.  High school is not high school without formal dances, school spirit or the football team.

Seeing pictures from the game, hearing girls stress over Homecoming and being part of planning big events make me so grateful to attend WHS.

For those students who take WHS for granted, think again.  WHS has so much to offer for its students, we just have to get ready for the best.

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