Dammeier siblings balance busy schedules, family time

by Solinna Chong, Associate Editor

While some siblings argue over who should use the bathroom first in the morning, the Dammeier siblings live in unisense.

“We don’t really fight in general,” Darby Dammeier, senior, said.  “We tease each other, someone gets mad for around an hour, then they get over it, and we move on.  We need each other happy to be happy.”

D.  Dammeier is the oldest, while Cole and Hailey Dammeier, sophomores, are fraternal twins born two minutes apart.

D.  Dammeier tries to be a good role model for her siblings both in acedemics and participation in extra activities.

“It’s helpful to know someone when you get here (WHS),” C.  Dammeier said.

Academic support

Since freshman year, D.  Dammeier has been involved in the honors program. Once her siblings came to WHS, they followed her footsteps into the program.

C.  Dammeier and H.  Dammeier are currently taking Honors World Literature.

According to the Dammeiers, homework can be overwhelming since they are heavily involved in many activities.

“We go to school together, but we all go home separate because we all get home at different times,” H. Dammeier said in an e-mail interview.

Because of their tight schedules, the siblings help one another with homework, such as Spanish or English.

“I had a lot of their classes, so I know their teachers and have a basic idea of what the teacher wants,” D.  Dammeier said.  “They help me too.  Sometimes when I’m bogged down with homework, I’ll ask for their help. They’ll help type up handwritten papers or do word searches in Spanish just to help me out.”

The three siblings want each other to succeed and “always do their best,” as H.  Dammeier said.

Similar extra activities

All three siblings are involved in music: D.  Dammeier and C.  Dammeier are involved in band, while H.  Dammeier participates in orchestra.

“The car gets a little cramped on Mondays when we have to bring three instruments, workout duffel bags, gym clothes, lunches and fat backpacks,” D.  Dammeier said.

Along with music, C.  Dammeier and H.  Dammeier are involved in sports.

Over the summer, the Dammeiers went to see C.  Dammeier in the Red Eye Relay for his cross country team.  Then they continued to Nashville to watch H.  Dammeier play basketball with her private league.

In school, H.  Dammeier and D.  Dammeier are peer tutors in The Learning Center (TLC).  They eat lunch together while tutoring other students

Despite their overlapping activities, the siblings are “never really competing,” as D.  Dammeier would say.

“We each have our own specialties,” D.  Dammeier said.

For the future

The Dammeier siblings all agree that they are very close to one another. Despite their busy schedules, they try to make time for each other, friends and family.

According to C. Dammeier, even if he is just waving to his sisters in the halls, he is glad to see them.

This year, D.  Dammeier will graduate from WHS.  She hopes her siblings will “be smart.”

“High school has been full of decisions; be sure you (H. and C. Dammeier) make the right choices.  If you get your priorities right, you will have time for everything you want to do, whether it’s AP classes, activities or anything else,” D.  Dammeier said.