New Additions to Fine Arts: International Thespian Society

by Jessie Livingston, Graphics Editor, and Megan Jones, Editor-in-Chief

Arriving for the first time at WHS, the International Thespian Society, sponsored by Derek Ellertson, technology technician, offers a way to give recognition for those greatly involved in fine arts and thespian activities.

As one branch of the ITS, WHS allows anyone to join the club and attend meetings, but only a select few can become official members.

Official membership permit one access to special scholarships, looks good on college applications and can be recognized at the senior recognition assembly.

To become an official member, students must gain ten points, by participating in thespian activities or acting in a play.

“The many hours we spent formulating our Constitution and points system, while tedious, opened our eyes to just how complexly this system functions,” Harlan Rosen, senior, said.

An official induction ceremony for people who have already gained 10 points will take place this coming winter.

“It is like honor society for people in fine arts and in thespian activities,” Teri Gansinger, senior, said.

The highest number of points a person can acquire is 180.

ITS hosted its first event on Aug. 30 which consisted of a day of “theater games.” The turnout, excluding ITS board members, was about seven people who were all new to the theater program.

The ITS application deadline is Sept. 26 to be included in the induction ceremony.