New Additions to Fine Arts: VisCom: Digital Media Festival

by Robert Perales, A&E Editor

WHS will host it’s first soon to be annual Film Festival on May 10, which will carry an overall theme of overcoming adversity in order to coincide with the summer reading assignment.

John Uhrik, english teacher, and Kent Dyer, photography teacher, founded the festival in hopes of creating a program that would leave a long lasting effect for the students at WHS.

“There is a lot of potential for this club,” Mr. Uhrik said. “Aside from student expressions and creativity, the club allows students to explore career interests and gather more social skills, which is vital everywhere.”

In order to prepare for the film festival, WHS has started the Film Club. The Film Club will meet every other Wednesday in room 176 where discussions concerning the expectations of the event will take place.

The club will also explore and help prepare students for the creation of their own films by explaining the technicalities of film making.

On the day of the film festival, people will vote for the best film and later that day, a winner will be recognized.

“We are currently looking at the award process, and the prizes that will arise,” Mr. Uhrik said.

The creators of The Film Festival hope to obtain a scholarship for the winner of the film festival as an award.

The club and festival are open to all studemts who hope to submit their film to the film festival.

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