WPAC, AP Government plan mock election

by Mark Tannous, Broadcast Editor

With the presidential election right around the corner, WPAC (Wheeling Political Action Club) and AP Government classes start to prepare for a mock election.

On Nov. 6, they will hold the mock election for WHS during the school day.

From the time after voter registration to the day of the actual election, students will start to hang up ads and posters around the school promoting and informing kids about the election. There will also be commercials in the announcements that will discuss important events.

“We want the students to understand the process of voting and what its like to go through registration,” Sandra Chico, WPAC sponsor and AP Government teacher, said.

During the week of Oct. 31, WPAC will host a mock election in the theater during second and third periods with students doing the debating and representing the two sides, liberal and conservative.

Katrina Gustafson and Omar Joya, seniors, will speak in the mock debate.  During the debate, both students will discuss topics and answer questions.  Students and teachers can watch the debate in the theater.

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