Almutawa twins adjust to WHS with help from friends, each other

by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor

Ahmed and Mohammed Almutawa, juniors, moved from Saudi Arabia two and a half months ago, but their shared experiences and twin bond have helped them adjust to new people and places.
The Almutawa twins enjoy playing video games and racing cars together.  Although they share many of the same interests and friends, they have a few differences in physical appearance and interests.
“He’s (A. Almutawa) the first one, but I’m taller and stronger,” M. Almutawa said.  “Maybe I’m taller than him, and he’s faster than me.  I like photographs.  He likes to take videos.”
However, sometimes other people mix them up.
“Sometimes the teacher gives me his homework, and he takes my marks,” M. Almutawa said.  “My father told him (A. Almutawa), ‘give me water.’  He’d go, I come, and then he asks, ‘where’s my water?’”
According to Gerardo Prescenda, junior, he sometimes gets confused with them, but A. Almutawa is more outgoing, and M. Almutawa is more quiet.
“There’s a lot of physical features they have in common,” Prescenda said.  “It’s kind of cool (having twins as friends).  It’s like having a cool friend times two.”
Although they must adjust to different teachers, buildings, books and language, they find the subjects in the U.S. easier than subjects in Saudi Arabia.  They also found differences in P.E. classes.  At WHS, P.E. classes offer more types of sports, while their P.E. class in Saudi Arabia only offered soccer.  At school, they share the same schedule.
“If he’s absent, that would be okay because he’s with me (in the same class),” A. Almutawa said.
“Every time I’m sick, he’s there.  The next day he’s sick,” M. Almutawa said.
The Almutawa twins also have a younger brother and sister.  According to A. Almutawa, their family has moved about every two years.  Because they have moved around so much, they do not find making new friends very difficult.  However, they tend to stick together and enjoy matching shoes, watches, clothes and glasses.
“We love this because the thing about us is being two on the same team,” A. Almutawa said.  “If you have a friend, that’d be good, but if you have a brother, that’d be better.

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