Indian Trails Library hosts first film festival

by Kristina Piamonte, Photo Editor

This year the Indian Trails Library will be hosting a short film festival on October 28, open for everyone between the ages of 14 to 20.

“(The library is expecting students) from Buffalo Grove, Wheeling, and Stevenson (High Schools) to enter the festival. I’m looking forward to the outcome,” Sarah Heimsoth, teen librarian, said.

To enter the festival, contestants must create an original video that lasts no longer than ten minutes and be submitted on a flashdrive or on a DVD. The winner of the festival will receive a $50 gift card along with other prizes.

Participants will be able to gain experience in filmography and the library will be hosting filmmaking classes for those who do not know how to work a camera or edit a video. A filmmaking class will be held on October 10.

According to Heimsoth, the festival should become an annual event that occurs in the fall.  Unlike the film festival at Wheeling, contestants will be open to any theme, but there should not be any explicit material within the film.

WHS’ own film festival focuses on the theme of fighting adversity and open for all students, anyone interested should speak to John Uhrik, English teacher and Spokesman advisor, or Kent Dyer, photography teacher.