Wildcats celebrate victory over Bison at Homecoming game

Video by Megan Jones, Editor-in-Chief

Story by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor; Megan Jones, Editor-in-Chief; and Frida Valdés, Feature Editor

Students donned in black, cheers from the stands, fireworks bursting in the air and a 12-8 victory over Buffalo Grove High School all kindled the spirit of the homecoming game.

“They have worked really hard, and for the people that only see them play once a year or the people that are coming back, they went out and were able to pull out a win. I’m sure it’s going to make their weekend a lot better,” Brent Pearlman, varsity football coach, said.

In the first half of the game, Isaac Branch, sophomore, scored a touchdown, bringing the score to 6-0 Wildcats.

During halftime, the school announced the winners of the spirit stick: the seniors.  Poms and marching band performed, and a firework display took place.

The Bison scored a touchdown in the third quarter, tying with the Wildcats.  Right afterwards, the Bison scored a safety, bringing the score to 6-8, Bison.

“It was good that we won but we could have done a lot better; we’re getting better,” Sal Dominguez, senior, said.

The score remained the same through the fourth quarter, until the last minute.  With 50.9 seconds left and four yards to go, Sam Yoshino, junior, scored a touchdown, bringing the score to 12-8, Wildcats, and causing students to erupt into cheers.

“These guys are a special group and they’ve gone through a lot of things. They are setting a foundation and five years down the road we are going to look back and have fond memories,” Coach Pearlman said.  “Our goal for tonight was to fight and be better as far as competing every single play, and from what I saw at the sideline, I think we are doing that.”

For Branch, this play and the interception of Henry Gonzalez, senior, to finish the game were some of the highlights of the homecoming game.

“We fought hard.  This whole summer, we were taught to overcome adversity.  We did it, so I’m really happy,” Branch said.