Briefly Speaking Sports: Girls Tennis

by Katia Bryhadyr, Staff Reporter

“What really made the season was having the support of all my friends and being able to laugh and be crazy.” Gosia Markiewicz, grade, said. “Some accomplishments that I made are that I focused more on my performance and my best.”

The season ended on Saturday, Oct. 13  with Sectionals and athletes included Alexandra Fister,Gosia Markiewicz and more .

The team won its first match against Mundelein, but lost the second game against Highland Park. Sectionals was a single elimination, so the team was out after the second game.

“I improved so much this year because of the more competitive environment and harder competition.”Fister playing as first doubles in varsity, said. “For improvement, I just need to focus on not getting frustrated when I’m not doing well.”

“Before games, I think about getting myself mentally prepared and focus on my peak performance.” Markiewicz said.

She also adds that the team could have been more prepared for the season, but they all tried their best, and are hoping to do better next year.