Art Club hopes to raise funds for supplies

by Rossy Peralta, Staff Reporter

Art club will host a tie-dye fundraiser on Oct. 23 in the art room to help engage students in different styles of art, as well as give the club the opportunity to purchase new art supplies for more activities.
In the past years, art club has sold tie dye shirts during lunch periods, and both faculty and students had wanted to learn how to make them. This year, staff and students can pre-order shirts. Laura Taubery, art club sponsor, will prepare a Google form for the pre-orders. Everyone in art club contributed by giving $1 to receive their own T-shirt.
“Last year’s fundraiser was awesome, it’s a fun way to express your creativity by doing the shirts yourself and you sell them yourself,” Tatiana Rosales, senior, said.
They will also provide additional colors for the tie dye, as before they only had primary colors. Since making the shirts take time, they will sell about 55 shirts.  Their goal is to sell all of them.
“It’s a lot of work to set up the room, pre-order the shirts, and getting the chemicals to dye the shirts, but it’s totally worth the time because everyone has a great time,” Ms. Taubery said
Ms. Taubery will have a trial run with Maggie Evans, senior, just to refresh her memory on how to do them. In the past, the club had problems with shirt sizes because the sizes were too large. This year art club will make sure there are shirt sizes for everyone.
Art club has provided artwork for this year’s mock election, and in the past it has helped with musical and orchesis set, as well as some prom decorations. Some future events include a “learn how to use a camera” workshop for Art Youth Month, which takes place in March.