Students should take advantage of voting

by Antonia Arismendis, Staff Reporter

When I turn 18 there is no doubt in my mind that I will vote. I believe voting can make a difference.

We are really fortunate to have a country where we as individuals get the chance to make a change.

Many people believe that if they vote they will not be heard, but voting is like having a voice: not only for yourself, but for your community.  Especially now, in this election, young people have the greater voice than adults.  This is because young adults consist of 21 percent of the population.

Voting can help improve our country in many different ways. What many people do not realize, especially young voters, is that voting is an important concept in our country.  Young voters see it as something that does not relate to them whatsoever, but as they get older they start to realize the change.

For example, gas prices go up for their cars, taxes increase because of the economy and once they graduate and they have a life to figure out, they realize that healthcare is an important issue.  When young people finally see that maybe this President is not right for the job, then they will want to vote but have to wait another four years until the next presidential election.

The presidential election in 2000 is a good example of how voting can make a difference in the outcome of an election. When President George W. Bush had just won by five hundred votes. Imagine if his opposing candidate had received the five hundred votes that George W. Bush had obtained. This shows how a vote can impact our whole country.

I would encourage seniors or anyone who is eligible to vote, to go and make a difference.  Always remind yourself, the next time you think of not voting, our people have fought for our rights to vote.

I know many people who want to vote but can not because they either do not meet the age requirement or are not legal citizens.

Go vote, be heard and make our country a better place.