Editorial: P.E. exemption waiver gives promise of options

District 214 may allow more options for receiving a physical education waiver starting in the 2013-14 school year. Several extracurricular activities, such as marching band and Navy Junior Reserve Officer’s Training Corps (NJROTC), already participate in physical activities during the day, and the waivers can help students have the opportunity to enroll in a study hall and gain more free time.
Due to marching band’s long practices on the turf and NJROTC’s after-school commitments depending on one’s division, class or position, it can be hard to get home and complete a full night of homework. With the new waiver, students can add a study hall to their schedule, which will allow them to participate in these activities without harming their grades.
Marching band spends so much time completing fundamental drills that consist of marching back and forth while being coherent of those around them. They then run through their ten-minute show at least five times a practice.
NJROTC has its own physical component with exercises once or twice a week for day class through mile runs, push-ups and situps, and the night class engages in intense workouts twice a month. With the exercises they receive during the class periods, the need for an additional physical education class does not stand as a dire need.
The waivers can also help enrollment in these specific activities. Without having to fit P.E. into the schedule, adding an extracurricular will not seem so daunting.
Spokesman feels the District 214 board should vote “yes” on this proposal, which was up for bid on Oct. 18.  Results were not available by press time.
Just think, with Marching Band’s undefeated season this year and NJROTC’S second place in the Freeport Invitational, they will have the opportunity to succeed at even further lengths with students being able to participate in those activities instead of P.E.

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