Romney for President

by Maggie Evans, Guest Writer

In the upcoming election, Governor Mitt Romney is the clear choice.  In the past four years, under a democratic administration, our government has lost sight of what is important.

Instead of decreasing the national debt, it has only been added to, and the U.S. debt stands at a terrifying amount of $16,171,995,333,316.56.

Another problem would be the U.S foreign policy.  Its main goal has always been to lead, yet we have become weak.  Something has to change, and I believe Governor Romney is that change.

He will “restore America’s naval credibility” by increasing the number of ships the government produces per year from nine to 15.

Another very important thing he will accomplish is “strengthen and repair relationships with allies” by fixing relationships with Mexico and Israel and strengthening the relationship with the U.K.  On a lighter note, he would like to “launch campaign for economic opportunity in Latin America,” which will focus on free-trade, and will support our economy.

Our economy needs a new leader.  Someone who has dealt with economic and foreign situations before.  Someone who knows the U.S economy inside and out.  Governor Romney is this someone.

He was able to turn the Massachusetts economy back in 2003.  In conclusion, I have confidence that he would be able to do it again.

His main ideas include the following: “cut federal spending and cap it at 20 percent of GDP,” “block grant medicaid and pursue further entitlement reform,” “reduce the federal workforce,” “restructure the federal government” and “pursue a balanced budget amendment.”

I also like the idea of what these ideas stand for, which is decreasing the scope of government, and I am a strong believer in this.

Romney has faith in America and its people.  Because of his faith, because of his plans, because of his ideas, and because of his experience, I have faith in Romney, and what he can do.  He will fix our country’s economy and  restore America to its number one position.