Girls volleyball holds off Hersey: Seniors finish season strong despite record

by Chris Nush and Antonia Arismendis, Staff Reporters

“The record might not show it, but we think we had a really good season,” Amanda Mullin, senior and team captain of the varsity girls volleyball team, said.

The volleyball team currently holds a record of 9-14.

A highlight of their season was their close game against Hersey High School.

“It’s a moral victory,” Jason Kopkowski, varsity volleyball coach, said. “Hersey is very very very good. We put up more points against them than any other team who they have competed against.”

The team almost won one of the games with a final score of 25-22. Sydney Keith, senior, added that they have had a lot of close games.

“We’re really close,” Keith said.

She adds that she likes getting together with the girls during practice and games.

“They have good chemistry and cooperate really well together. The girls grow every year. They grow with productivity,” Coach Kopkowski said.

According to Keith, who has been a part of volleyball since her freshman year, the team seems to have gotten better over the years.

According to Coach Kopkowski, some players who have stood out more this season are Keith, Mullin, Jessi Zuba and Sara Kern, seniors, and Diana Kuzmanic, sophomore.

“The seniors have a lot of experience,” Coach Kopkowski said. “They are really comfortable with each other.”

Coach Kopkowski’s favorite part of being a coach is watching the girls grow and complimenting them on the good things they do.

Keith, whose favorite moment of the season was when they won against Prospect High School, is “very excited” because it is her senior year.

“I’m really happy to be a part of the team,” Keith said. “I’m excited to end the season as being a senior and being a part of the team for four years.”

Keith said she feels very excited because it is her senior year and she’s really happy to be a part of the team. She adds that she is excited to end the season.

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