November Sports Spotlight: Jeremy Stephani

Interview by Mike Pink, Staff Reporter

Q&A with Jeremy Stephani, junior, guard on varsity boys basketball

1.) What’s your favorite song?
“Mercy, Kanye West”
2.) What’s your favorite movie?
“Remember the Titans”
3.) Who’s your favorite athlete?
“Kobe Bryant”
4.) What’s your favorite food?
5.) What’s your background on your phone?
“A picture of me and Sara” (My girlfriend)
6.) What do you do in your free time besides relax?
“Playing basketball or chilling with friends”
7.) Sweats or Jeans?
“I can’t believe you’re asking me this. Have you ever seen me wear a pair of jeans?”
8.) How much time do you spend practicing a week?
“At least an hour for five days of the week”
9.) What other sports do you play?
10.) Do you want to play basketball in college? If so, where?
“Yeah, I do, but i’m not sure where, yet.”
11.) Why do you love the game of basketball so much?
“I enjoy the competition, and I have played it my whole life”