March 29, 2017

Jean Pabon

Jean is a friendly, kind, and giving person, who only wishes to make people happy and laugh. Half of the time. The other time, once you get to know him, he really changes from a shy, lonely, awkward weirdo, to a really fun, and strange person that makes others wonder what’s wrong with him. He’s going to be Photo Editor and is worrying over all the work he has to do now. He doesn’t like work. Jean’s idea of a perfect society is one where animals aren’t treated cruelly, ice-cream is free for everyone, and everybody has equal rights and equal access to education and health. Try to find him on tumblr, that’s where he spends his time when he’s not in school, Spokesman, or with friends. Jean’s sophomore year, his main focus will be Spokesman, furthering his photography skills, and helping the new journalists with whatever he can.
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