March 29, 2017

‘Pack the Place’ promotes school spirit, fundraising


by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor Last week, students continued the traditions of “Pack the Place” week through spirit days, the pep assembly, a basketball game and Honor Pack’s fundraising. Sports, clubs and organizations nominated students to become Honor Pack members. Honor Pack helped raise money for a WHS family in economic hardship. Social workers help identify a family in economic hardship. This year, Honor Pack raised money for the family of Karen Delgado, junior, and Perla Delgado, sophomore. “She’s (my mother) no longer working. She needs to take medicine,” K. Delgado said. “She hurt her back and neck. She has…

Wildcats, Prospect play close game for Pack the Place


by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor With a final score of 55-54, Prospect, the varsity boys basketball team played a close game at the Pack the Place game on Feb. 1.  The action between both teams heated up intensely in the last quarter. “I thought it was great.  There were a lot of fans there.  Even though we didn’t win, it was still an exciting atmosphere,” Jeremy Stephani, junior, said.  “I was proud of the way we played.  We outplayed them most of the game, although I thought the way it ended was unfortunate.” At the end of the first quarter,…

Varsity girls basketball loses to Huntley


Photos by Erik Hernandez, Asst. News Editor, and Frida Valdés, Feature Editor Reporting by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor Varsity girls basketball played against Huntley on Jan. 28 at home.  The Wildcats lost, 36-46. “The game overall, we battled defensively for sure.  We were able to adjust our defense all four quarters, which is hard to do,” Julissa Hernandez, varsity girls basketball coach, said. The Wildcats currently prepare for conference and regionals.  The overall record is 7-18.     Check out the livestream broadcast at

Hardwood Classic Broadcasts

WHS hosted the annual Hardwood Classic on Dec. 26 to Dec. 29.  Check out broadcasts below, with commentary and broadcasting by Derek Spallone, Guest Broadcast Reporter.

Basketball loses players to injuries


by Antonia Arismendis, Staff Reporter The girls basketball team experienced injuries this season resulting in a loss of four players, which caused the team to broaden their experiences with new roles. Jessi Zuba, senior and three-year varsity player, is one of those four. During the first 41 seconds of their first game, Zuba was driving the ball to the basket, and an opposing team member stepped on her foot. Hailey Dammeier, sophomore and two-year varsity player, could relate. Dammeier  fractured her tibia while playing defense at the fifth game. They both still attend practice and do the same stretches, but…

Girls basketball bonds over community service work


by Paige McCoy, Staff Reporter The girls varsity and sophomore basketball teams plan to participate in five community service events during their season to promote team bonding and giving back to the community. “It helps us bond because we get a chance to see each other when we are not in basketball,” Hailey Dammeier, sophomore, said. “We get to talk about stuff and get away from sports. This helps us to communicate better, get to know each other and better predict people’s actions on the court.” On Thursday, Oct. 25, the girls helped with Hoops for Africa, sponsored by Interact…

November Sports Spotlight: Deanna Kuzmanic

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Interview by Mike Pink, Staff Reporter Q&A with Deanna Kuzmanic, sophomore, guard on varsity girls basketball 1.) What’s your favorite song? “Probably Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People” 2.) What’s your favorite movie “White Chicks” 3.) Who’s your favorite athlete? “Kevin Durant” 4.) What’s your favorite food? “Pizza” 5.) What’s your background on your phone? “Default background because my phone is really old, and I never take pictures with it.” 6.) What do you do in your free time besides relax? “Play basketball, go to my sister’s basketball games, and hang out with friends.” 7.) Sweats or Jeans? “Sweats!” 8.) How…

November Sports Spotlight: Jeremy Stephani

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Interview by Mike Pink, Staff Reporter Q&A with Jeremy Stephani, junior, guard on varsity boys basketball 1.) What’s your favorite song? “Mercy, Kanye West” 2.) What’s your favorite movie? “Remember the Titans” 3.) Who’s your favorite athlete? “Kobe Bryant” 4.) What’s your favorite food? “Pizza” 5.) What’s your background on your phone? “A picture of me and Sara” (My girlfriend) 6.) What do you do in your free time besides relax? “Playing basketball or chilling with friends” 7.) Sweats or Jeans? “I can’t believe you’re asking me this. Have you ever seen me wear a pair of jeans?” 8.) How much…

Interact with Africa surpasses fundraising goal through Hoops for Africa

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Photos by Frida Valdés, Feature Editor Interact with Africa sponsored the third annual Hoops for Africa on Oct. 25. Students played basketball against staff, and the students won. Members of the club sold tickets, t-shirts, bracelets and concessions during lunch periods and during the game. IWA raised more than $1,300.  The funds go towards building schools in Angola, Africa.