November 18, 2017

Arlington Heights Memorial Library hosts holiday book drive

by Daniel Ramirez, Staff Reporter The Arlington Heights Memorial Library is holding a book drive from Nov. 1 until Dec. 1. The library is accepting donations of books for children from infancy to age 16 for Wheeling Township’s holiday Adopt-a-Family program. Families, schools and scout groups can also help out with this book drive as a project. Find out how to help out at

Circus Literary Magazine holds annual fundraiser at bookstore

Photos by Kelly McKewin, Staff Reporter Circus Literary Magazine hosted its annual fundraiser all day on Nov. 10 at Barnes and Noble.  Customers can use vouchers with their purchase, and 15 percent of the sale goes towards Circus.  Circus uses this money to print the magazine.  In addition, students ran activities in the morning, such as story time, crafts, caricatures and cupcake decorating.  Students raised over $400.  

Circus holds annual fundraiser

by Kelly McKewin, Staff Reporter Anyone who looks to buy new books and support WHS’s literary magazine, Circus, can come to the Barnes & Noble in Arlington Heights on Saturday Nov. 10 for its sixth annual fundraiser, which will start at 9 a.m. Many students involved in Circus will help out at the fundraiser this year. “I’m going to be doing caricatures and gift wrapping,” Stephanie Rivo, senior, said. Other activities include cupcake decorating, as well as a storytime. For every purchase made with a voucher that day, Barnes & Noble will give a percent of each sale to help…

English classes use Kindles to raise interest in reading

by Mark Tannous, Asst. Sports Editor The difference between hearing a teacher say “Class, please pull out your book…” or “Class, please pull out your Kindle…” can vary for many students. Students in the classes of Megan Knight, Karen Sebesta and Anna Panagakis, English teachers, use Kindles to read instead of books. The students have full responsibility for the Kindles and can use them for anything school related. Students can take home the Kindles, but they must cover damage charges. According to Barry Hanrahan, librarian, students’ scores on the plan tests went up about a whole two points in Ms….