March 31, 2017

Environmental Science Club surpasses fundraising goal


by Jean Pabon, Staff Reporter The Environmental Science Club, strives to donate money to Clearbrook hospitals, for patients with mental handicaps. They do so through a fundraiser known as Jelly Belly. Money raised for the patients with Mental handicaps is used in programs and services. According to Gloria Drake, Vice President of Communications and Event planning, Clearbrook is a leader in “creating innovative opportunities, services, and support for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities such as autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy and mental retardation.” With an apron on, clearly stating the words Jelly Belly on them, members asked for donations during lunch…

Environmental science club hosts charity sale


by Erik Hernandez, Asst. News Editor The environmental science club is hosting its annual Jelly Belly sale for Clearbrook hospital and to help save rain forests. Last year the environmental science club saved over 12 acres of rainforest. “I’m just trying to save the rainforest,” Liz Aparicio, sophomore, said. “This has motivated me to do charity at church too.” The Jelly Belly sale is funding money for Clearbrook hospital for the mentally handicapped. Environmental science club has donated about $550 to Clearbrook so far. Charity work has inspired students participating in the sale. “I can relate to the people in…