November 18, 2017

December Sports Spotlight: Ally Pink

Interview by Mike Pink, Staff Reporter Q&A with Ally Pink, senior on varsity gymnastics 1. What’s your favorite movie? “A Night at the Roxbury.” 2. What’s your favorite song? “Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down.” 3. Jeans or sweats? “Sweats.” 4. Where are you going to college next year? “I’m hoping to go up to University of Minnesota.” 5. How long have you been doing gymnastics? “I’ve been in gymnastics for about 13 years.” 6. What events are you in? “I do all around. That includes vault, bars, beam and floor.” 7. Which one is your favorite? “Floor is my favorite.” 8….

December Sports Spotlight: Brandon Harris

Interview by Mike Pink, Staff Reporter Q&A with Brandon Harris, senior on varsity wrestling 1. Who’s your favorite collegiate team to root for? “My favorite team is Wisconsin.” 2. What do you want to be when you’re older? “I want to be a professional trainer, actor or a pro boxer.” 3. What’s your favorite pump-up song? “‘My Time’ by Fabolous.” 4. What other organized sports have you played throughout your life besides wrestling? “I’ve done track, baseball, football, basketball, floor hockey, freestyle and greco roman wrestling.” 5. Why did you pick wrestling as your main sport to focus on? “I focus…