October 24, 2017

APLAC hosts annual Gatsby Party

P.E. classes teach vocabulary

by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor In order to help students learn vocabulary, the physical education classes’ curriculum will now incorporate learning commonly used words on the Prairie State Achievement Examination (PSAE). “As a school we always look at our data, and the one area we wanted to improve upon was reading,” Kevin Muck, division head for career and technical education and physical education, said.  “We (the P.E. department) decided to help and came up with the vocabulary plan.” All sophomore, junior and senior P.E. classes will learn a list of 100 vocabulary words to improve on vocabulary for standardized testing. …

Willingness to volunteer produces overseas teaching opportunity in Taiwan

by Rosalie Chan, Web & News Editor Last summer, one of my friends, Caroline Kao, ‘12 graduate of St. Francis High School, volunteered for the Assisting Individuals with Disadvantages (AID) Summer Volunteer Program in Taiwan.  The program sends the volunteers, between the ages of 17 and 27,  to various schools throughout Taiwan to teach children English. Kao came back with tons of stories, photos and great memories, so after hearing so much from her, I decided to apply for this program as well. During February, I applied and had to fill out forms, get a transcript and write an application…

English classes use Kindles to raise interest in reading

by Mark Tannous, Asst. Sports Editor The difference between hearing a teacher say “Class, please pull out your book…” or “Class, please pull out your Kindle…” can vary for many students. Students in the classes of Megan Knight, Karen Sebesta and Anna Panagakis, English teachers, use Kindles to read instead of books. The students have full responsibility for the Kindles and can use them for anything school related. Students can take home the Kindles, but they must cover damage charges. According to Barry Hanrahan, librarian, students’ scores on the plan tests went up about a whole two points in Ms….