December 12, 2017

Freshmen transition to high school, play on varisty teams

By Zalman Faltushanskiy, Staff Reporter As freshmen begin the transition from middle school to high school, some of them are enhancing their experience by placing large pressure upon their shoulders. Jalen Dennis and Timber Terrell, freshmen, have made the varsity football and volleyball teams, respectively, beating out numerous other students for their spots. “It means a lot because I’ve been working [hard] in the offseason with all of the other [players],” Dennis said. Dennis has been playing football for nine years in local youth leagues with the Prospect Heights/Wheeling Falcons and the Buffalo Grove Bills. His experience playing for those…

Sports scandals shed negative light

by Mike Pink, Staff Reporter The recent discoveries of Lance Armstrong getting caught for doping along with Manti Te’o getting “catfished” sheds a negative light on the integrity of sports and strays from the true meaning. In this day in age, seeing a major athlete get in trouble for performance enhancing drugs (PED) is not uncommon. Alex Rodriguez, Barry Bonds and Shawne Merriman are a few of the major athletes who were caught. The younger generation of athletes are coming in faster and stronger. The older athletes need to keep the competitive edge, so they resort to PED’s. I don’t…

Broadcast: Wildcats lose to Huskies

Check out this broadcast of the home game on Oct. 19, where varsity football played against Hersey High School.Wheeling High School Vs. Hersey High School – Last Regular Season

Wildcats support football, breast cancer awareness, despite loss to Hersey

Photos by Frida Valdés, Feature Editor, and Erik Hernandez, Staff Reporter

Fans rush field after BG defeat

by Mike Pink, Staff Reporter The Wheeling vs. Buffalo Grove football game on Friday Oct. 5 before the Homecoming dance lived up to the hype. Brent Pearlman, varsity football coach, and the Cats went into the game hoping to improve to a 3-4 record and send the Bison home with a 1-6 record. That is exactly what they did. “I think our kids fought, and our defense kids really fought,” Coach Pearlman, said. “They really showed tremendous resilience. Our goal for tonight was to fight and be better as far as competing every single play, and from what I saw…

Wildcats celebrate victory over Bison at Homecoming game

Video by Megan Jones, Editor-in-Chief Story by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor; Megan Jones, Editor-in-Chief; and Frida Valdés, Feature Editor Students donned in black, cheers from the stands, fireworks bursting in the air and a 12-8 victory over Buffalo Grove High School all kindled the spirit of the homecoming game. “They have worked really hard, and for the people that only see them play once a year or the people that are coming back, they went out and were able to pull out a win. I’m sure it’s going to make their weekend a lot better,” Brent Pearlman, varsity football coach, said….

Photo Slideshow: Homecoming Game

Photos by Kristina Piamonte, Photo Editor, and Frida Valdés, Feature Editor   For a story and video about the homecoming game, see

Provost’s Profile: Levites twins compete, bond in twin life

by Megan Provost, Staff Reporter Walking into room 137 Friday morning, I knew this wasn’t going to be your everyday interview. The Levites twins, the football playing blondes, were everything I expected them to be: high energy and well, boy-ish. I organized my papers as one brother plunked down in a chair and another hopped up on a tabletop. When I asked the obvious question of “what it’s like to be twins,” it became clear that although these boys were identical in appearance, their personalities were anything but that. They talked about sharing, how it gets annoying and how the…

Football atmosphere changes, grows

by Megan Jones, Editor-in-Chief “The game atmosphere is very intense and serious,” Chad Mikosz, senior and varsity football player, said. “It’s kind of electrifying. We should have this energy all the time.” The highlights of the current football season include the last second field goal win against Mundelein and a struggle with Fremd. Further, WHS has said goodbye to Dave Dunbar, previous varsity football coach, and welcomed Brent Pearlman, varsity football coach, with his track record of changing Prospect High School’s football program. After the long summer of practices, changes to the program and Superfans waiting to pump the crowd,…

Wildcats defeat Hoffman Estates in overtime

by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor Varsity football defeated Hoffman Estates in a close home game on Sept. 14, making a touchdown in overtime at the last play for a final score of 26-20. “It’s not the type of game we want to lay, but we overcame a lot of adversity and played good defense,” Brent Pearlman, varsity football coach, said.  “At times we’ve run the ball better.  I thought the defense ran some well, but we’ve got some work to do.” The first three quarters of the game, the Wildcats were winning.  At the end of the first quarter, the…