October 24, 2017

Discovery of S.O.S. helps voice personal struggles

by Rossy Peralta, Asst. La Voz Editor Over the years, discussions of mental illness have increased because of awareness programs and people opening up about their struggles. This year, freshmen were given information about a program called Signs of Suicide, also known as S.O.S. This program for teens teaches about the symptoms of depression, specifically suicidal thoughts. According to Elyssas Mission, an organization that provides the resources to support at-risk teens and to prevent suicide, some of the warning signs of suicidal thoughts include expressing the belief that life is meaningless, having a lack of motivation, feeling hopelessness and more….

Stress builds for prom

by Solinna Chong, Associate Editor “Are you excited for prom?” my friend asked me. Of course I said yes, but knowing me, on the day of prom I would rather sleep in. Many girls fantasize over being asked to prom, what dress they will wear and how to style their hair. According to Seventeen Magazine, teeangers should start thinking about dates, dresses, tuxedos and so on about three months before.  Most attendees start to think about what they will wear two months before.  I did not start thinking about prom or got a dress until the month of prom. Although…