March 27, 2017

Senior awards assembly honors class of ’13 graduates

Top 10 Cures to Senioritis

by Jacquelin Camacho, Staff Reporter Fourth quarter has just begun. Seniors are now feeling the closeness of graduation. Everyone has the number of hours, minutes, and seconds left until graduation memorized. Who cares about homework? What are finals? We have a library? It is getting harder and harder to push through school work everyday. This illness they call senioritis is grabbing hold of the Class of 2013, and it is not letting go. Seniors, just wait, we still have this last quarter to survive. Top Ten Cures to Senioritis 10. Stop counting down the days. You are driving yourself crazy…

First AVID class graduates

Avid 3

by Kristina Piamonte, Photo Editor The first class of AVID students will receive their diplomas this Sunday. “The current seniors have come a long way since their freshmen year. They achieved at a high level while at Wheeling, as evidenced by their good grades and high ACT scores,” Kevin Lennon, business and AVID teacher, said. The AVID program helps students prepare for college from the help of college tutors to the opportunities of college visits. Every year the AVID program interviews eighth graders, who applied and looks over their Explore scores, grades and their motivation for college. “All of the…