November 24, 2017

WHS takes action by cancelling annual winter assembly

by Megan Jones, Editor-in-Chief The annual winter holiday assembly was canceled this year due to the recent scare of the Sandy Hook shooting and student rumors of weapon threats on Twitter. “It was because of the context during that time. With the devastating incident in Newtown, Conn.; it really had the effect of putting everyone on edge across the country,” Dr. Lazaro Lopez, principal, said. According to Dr. Lopez, students at WHS and neighboring schools were tweeting and creating a threat to the school. “This was not the real case, but everyone was still in a heightened sense of fear,”…

Band performs at Holiday Extravaganza, features ‘Frosty the Snowboy’

Photos by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor

Latinos celebrate Dia de los Muertos, maintain tradition

by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor Although Dia De Los Muertos is widely celebrated in Mexico, some students at WHS still observe this holiday. Dia De Los Muertos takes place Nov. 1 to 2, which corresponds with All Saints Day and All Souls Day. People traditionally commemorate children on Nov. 1, and adults on Nov. 2. “It’s a combination of Catholic saints and indigenous cultures,” Rebecca Castro, ELL Coordinator, said. “It represents the mix of Mexican cultures.” Angela Ibarra, senior, celebrates this holiday with her family. To celebrate, people traditionally put out ofrendas, altars dedicated to the dead. “I like it…