March 28, 2017

Three clubs join to mentor Twain students


by Perla Jiménez, La Voz Editor Students from a variety of extracurricular activities, including Students Helping Accept Diversity in Every Situation (S.H.A.D.E.S), Operation Snowball and Latino Club had the opportunity to mentor a group of fourth grade students from Mark Twain Elementary School. The mentoring program aims to set positive role models for the elementary students to look up to and confide in. WHS students will not tutor or teach the students, but they will  work on creating a trust-based relationship with them. “The (Twain) kids were in awe,” Raymundo Galarza, social worker, said. They asked me ‘and we’re gonna…

Latino Club fundraises for senior scholarships through Halloween party


Photos by Frida Valdés, Feature Editor Latino Club sponsored a Halloween party Oct. 28, which featured activities for children.  These activities included Operation Snowball games, cookie decorating, a pinata and other Halloween-themed activities.  The funds from admission and donations for this party went towards Latino Club senior scholarships.  

First Event of Latino Club: Family Halloween Party


by Perla Jiménez, La Voz Editor This Sunday, Oct. 28, Latino Club will hold a new fundrasier: a Halloween party. The party will be open to people of all ages, but will focus on elementary school students. Latino Club members expect the party raise at least one more scholarship than last year. Gabriela Medina, social worker, said she also expected the party to affect the Hispanic community at a family level. She says the Latino Club is always looking for “events that promote family togetherness.” Caroline Tinoco, senior, says the event will be a success and expects a large number…

Gama fights for career

by Perla Jiménez, La Voz Editor “I can’t be a lawyer, a paramedic (or) a pastry chef,” Cecilia Gama, senior, said. This year, President Barack Obama’s executive order made Deferred Action possible for students. With Deferred Action, C. Gama will be able to follow her dream of becoming a professional lawyer. “I had doubts about it (Deferred Action) ’cause it’s not a concrete thing,” C. Gama said. Alberto Gama, sophomore and brother of C. Gama, said he is excited about the new program because being an immigrant “limits the opportunities you have, even if you deserve them.” Still, the two…

Latino Club, Student Council supports DREAMers

First day to apply for Deferred Action brings more than 13 thousand immigrants by Perla Jiménez, La Voz Editor The first day to apply for deferred action, Latino Club and Student Council helped the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) direct DREAM Relief Day. “People bring their children to this country without knowing know the situation for them to be punished,” Chris Gonzalez, senior, said. The day focused on completing applications for Deferred Action and providing information about the program. Although about five thousand people were expected, more than 13,000 arrived. “As a teacher, I’d like for all…