November 18, 2017

Duel: Scholastic Bowl vs. Teachers

                  by Erik Hernandez, Asst. News Editor On Feb. 27, scholastic bowl held its annual tournament where the members compete against teachers. JV won with 180 points, teachers won second with 70, and varsity won third with 50. “It builds camaraderie,” Cynthia Carro, scholastic bowl sponsor, says, “It also displays our students skill and talent on how much they know.” The event was a way to end the year in a celebratory manner. In a year or two, Ms. Carro hopes to publicize the event on a higher scale.

JV Scholastic Bowl takes second place

by Chris Nush, Asst. A&E Editor The WHS JV Scholastic Bowl made it to the MSL Championships and took home second place Feb. 21. The championship consisted of two conferences where the winners of the first and second conferences went against each other. “It’s pretty gratuitous,” Brian Dordon, freshman, said.  “It was a lot of work but our teamwork has been really good.” The JV Team, made up of freshmen and sophomores, faced Fremd High School from District 211. The final score ended up being 300 to 430, Fremd. “It’s really good especially for our school because it kind of…