March 31, 2017

Wildcats lose to Prospect in badminton

Natalie Arana, senior, clears the shot during the game against Prospect on April 10 at home.

by Jean Pabon, Staff Reporter Varsity girls badminton played Prospect High School on April 11, the game started at 4:30 pm and was at home. In the end, Prospect High School won with a score of 14-1. That one win, belongs to Sam Broms, junior; she earned that point by winning a singles game. Although most players lost, three players split their games. “I felt a little nervous but I was excited to play,” Kristen Lee, junior, explained. “My partner and I worked well together, although we did make a few mistakes.” Some doubt was present in the team players,…

Polo faces early season challenges

by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor By press time, girls water polo held a record of 2-3, winning against Palatine and Prospect High Schools. Boys water polo has yet to win a game, but the team waits on some members to finish their club swim seasons before returning to polo. Boys water polo has a record of 0-6 and a record of 0-1 in Conference. However, they did not play any games with the full team until March 15. “I think we’re playing great. We need to learn from every win, every loss,” Bob Savitt, varsity girls water polo coach, said….

Wildcats start warming up track

AHHH! IMG_1267

by Patrick Ryan, Staff Reporter When the snow starts to melt and the weather warms, the track teams begin their seasons. The boys and girls teams have prac- ticed indoors since February, and both are itching for the chance to get outside. “We have the biggest team we’ve had in 10 years,” Mike Theodosakis, girls head track coach, said. “The girls are hardworking and have good personalities. Our goal for this season is to keep setting personal bests, to be as strong as we can in all areas and to keep a positive mindset.” According to Tom Polak, boys head…

Top 10 Cures to Senioritis

by Jacquelin Camacho, Staff Reporter Fourth quarter has just begun. Seniors are now feeling the closeness of graduation. Everyone has the number of hours, minutes, and seconds left until graduation memorized. Who cares about homework? What are finals? We have a library? It is getting harder and harder to push through school work everyday. This illness they call senioritis is grabbing hold of the Class of 2013, and it is not letting go. Seniors, just wait, we still have this last quarter to survive. Top Ten Cures to Senioritis 10. Stop counting down the days. You are driving yourself crazy…

Directors post ‘Legally Blonde: The Musical’ roles

2013-02-04 10.06.27

The following list describes which members received which parts for WHS’ Spring musical, “Legally Blonde: The Musical.” Elle: Elizabeth Jassin Warren: Robert Perales Emmett: Marco Mazzetta Vivienne: Tegan Reschke Greek Chorus: Pilar: Maritza Carvajal Margot: Melody Beltran Serena: Maggie Monaxios Additional Greek Chorus: Shirley Nguyen, Maryssa Peterson, Lisette Rodriguez Delta Nus (include Greek Chorus) Gaelen: Lisette Rodriguez Kate: Maryssa Peterson Leilani: Donna Bledsoe Additional Delta Nus: Tia Allen, Jessica Ausnehmer, Meghan Ausnehmer, Megan Brezka, Kati Drake, Hannah Golden-Dalke, Christine Hannah, Kelly McKewin, Kaitlyn Nielsen, Sarah Rabin, Breton Spiller Saleswoman: Kailtyn Nielsen Store Manager: Sarah Rabin Frat Boys: Alex Barcenas, Chris…