March 29, 2017

Positive Impact gives students opportunities for research, design


by Jacquelin Camacho, Staff Reporter WHS hosted the Midwest Research Competition: Positive Impact, an engineering contest that allows high school students to take on real world challenges through research, design and presentation, on April 12. One WHS team placed third in the Next Generation’s Innovator Challenge (NGIC) of the competition. Omar Joya and Kat Dobrowski, seniors, and Cole Dammeier, sophomore, competed in designing an operating room that minimizes the risk of infections for patients. They focused their design on air ventilation systems that allow an increased amount of airflow into operating rooms. “The highlight of the day for me was…

Dr. Lopez says farewell to WHS, moves higher into Dist. 214


by Megan Jones, Editor-in-Chief As students from WHS settled into class on Friday, April 5, Dr. Lazaro Lopez, principal, announced his promotion as he moves higher into District 214 as the Associate Superintendent for teaching and learning. His promotion is effective July 1. “The opportunity is very bittersweet; I really enjoy being principal of WHS as it’s been my identity for the last six years and I would gladly do it for many more,” Dr. Lopez said. “In reality, I’d love to do both jobs. I’m excited about the role I can play to foster partnerships, external experiences and career…

NSBA visits, observes, experiences technology integrated curriculums

by Solinna Chong, Associate Editor With the full integration of technology, the National School Board Association (NSBA) was invited to visit four District 214 schools on March 14 and 15 to observe how the schools use technology; WHS took this opportunity to premiere the plans for the future nanotechnology lab. According to Erin DeLuga, associate principal, the overall visit will put WHS and the three other high schools, Elk Grove, Prospect and Buffalo Grove, on a national level. “The visit will be able to highlight WHS and give it recognition to the technology department and across content areas.  It will…

First nanotech lab gives WHS advantage in science


by Megan Jones, Editor-in-Chief Nanotechnology, a science in its infancy, will allow WHS students to be on the cutting edge and have an advantage among others as they work with equipment and technology within WHS’s nanotechnology laboratory, the  first public high school research and development nanolab in the country. As part of an “Introduction to Nanotechnology,” senior science elective class, students will have the ability to participate in authentic research and use equipment similar to manufacturers in the area. “WHS is a leader in STEM education in the country, and I want our students to be the researchers, discoverers and…

Team wins ‘Best App in State,’ qualifies for nationals


by Megan Provost, Asst. Focus Editor After winning “Best App in State” in the Verizon Wireless Innovative App Challenge, a team of five juniors from WHS will move on to nationals. The contest requires the team to develop an app that addresses a real-world problem in their community and can be solved using the STEM principles: brainstorming, logical thinking and research. Kate Weber, pre-calculus teacher, discovered the contest by chance on an internet advertisement. She then introduced the project to all of her classes, and found interest in Skyler McLenahan, Kamila Sikova, Gosia Markiewicz, Jessica Mamalio and Pranati Mondkar, juniors,…


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Students plan, design engineering projects

by Rosalie Chan, Web Editor Nine students currently work on designing engineering solutions for the Positive Impact – Next Generation Innovators Challenge, with projects ranging from a prosthetic leg to an operating room. “Part of our project is how we can impact the world, so even if we have the smallest impact, that would be good,” Dan Crabbe, senior, said. Participating students received problem statements, where they had to design a solution to the problem that followed the prompt’s criteria. Crabbe and Christian Galvan, junior, received a prompt to create a prosthetic leg. “We’re building a prosthetic leg for a…

District plans improvements in technology, academic programs

by Megan Jones, Editor-in-Chief  During the week of Jan. 15, District 214 approved school and district improvement plans as required under the No Child Left Behind Act; some of the highlights within the plan include improvements in incorporating more technology into the classroom, adding more intervention for struggling students and increased professional developments. “We have been trying to invest in bringing mobile devices to the hand’s of students that will help their academics,” Dr. Lazaro Lopez, principal, said. “For example, we will be holding iPad training sessions for teachers and already hold many iPad pilots throughout the district, which is…

NANO Connect promotes research


by Megan Jones, Editor-in-Chief Prominent researchers in the nanotechnology field attended a forum at WHS on Oct. 9 to promote collaboration between students, educators and the government to support nanotechnology research in the STEM pathway, which helps aid a variety of scientific research from fighting cancer to aerospace products. Nanotechnology is the study of small materials. One nanometer is a billionth of a meter. The event grew international as Dr. WeonBae Ko, professor from Sahmyook University in Seoul, South Korea, attended along with Governor Pat Quinn and Congressman Robert Dold. “We’ve begun by thinking ‘How do we bring this down…

WHS hosts NANO Connect, featuring keynote speakers, student presentations


Photos by Frida Valdés, Katia Bryhadyr, Paige McCoy, Rossy Peralta and Daniel Ramirez