December 12, 2017

Journalism students compete at Sectional competition

WHS journalism students competed at the IHSA Sectionals at Northern Illinois University on Saturday, April 20.  WHS took 4th place overall, and six students qualified for the State competition. Megan Jones, senior, placed first in Newspaper Design. Emily Walker, senior, placed first in Yearbook Layout: Double Page Spread. Annalisa Baranowski, freshman, and Keira Skenandore, senior, placed first in Yearbook Theme Development. Rosalie Chan, senior, placed second in Copy Editing. Kristina Piamonte, senior, placed third in Feature Photography. All six students will be representing WHS this Friday, April 26th at the IHSA State Finals at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, IL.

Students inducted into world language honor societies

by Jacquelin Camacho, Staff Reporter On April 9, WHS’ World Language Division honored students who have achieved academic excellence in learning a new language. Two different awards were given to the students: the achievement award and honors award. The qualifications of the achievement award include having taken a language for three years, maintained a weighted B average, and showed interest in the language along with its culture. To receive the honors award, the students must have maintained a weighted A average for three consecutive years. “I am proud of the fact that the honorees take pride of their language and…

Orchesis hosts Flash Mob

Video by Megan Jones, Editor-in-Chief During the Pack the Place assembly, teachers and students from the crowd joined Orchesis in their flash mob to “Sweet Home Chicago.”

Interact with Africa surpasses fundraising goal through Hoops for Africa

Photos by Frida Valdés, Feature Editor Interact with Africa sponsored the third annual Hoops for Africa on Oct. 25. Students played basketball against staff, and the students won. Members of the club sold tickets, t-shirts, bracelets and concessions during lunch periods and during the game. IWA raised more than $1,300.  The funds go towards building schools in Angola, Africa.

Students should take advantage of voting

by Antonia Arismendis, Staff Reporter When I turn 18 there is no doubt in my mind that I will vote. I believe voting can make a difference. We are really fortunate to have a country where we as individuals get the chance to make a change. Many people believe that if they vote they will not be heard, but voting is like having a voice: not only for yourself, but for your community.  Especially now, in this election, young people have the greater voice than adults.  This is because young adults consist of 21 percent of the population. Voting can…

WHS for granted

by Solinna Chong, Associate Editor It has been almost a month since students have gone back to school, and already, I hear how “lame” the school is from freshmen and even the upperclassmen. Some students complain how much “cooler” other schools are because they do not have as many rules at football games and so on. Although WHS started with a poor reputation, it is not the school it used to be. First of all, STEM.Although students and teachers tease the amount of attention STEM gets, the program has redefined our school. WHS gives countless opportunities to students to taste…

How Wheeling Feels

Filmed by Dan Malsom and Jon Tracey in 2010 A short video documentary about Wheeling High School.  

Pingtung, Taiwan – July 16

by Rosalie Chan, Web and News Editor July 7 I’m finally at Pingtung, where the school I will be teaching at, Cheng Wen Elementary School, is located.  It is a total change of scene from Taipei.  In some ways being here is better than being at Chien Tan Center, but in some ways it’s worse.  For the most part though, it’s better. One thing that I like is…no more sitting through boring classes and lectures!  Not much has happened at Chien Tan since I last posted.  On July 4, Independence Day, which frankly, I forgot about due to being in…